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Our Nutrition Coach will thoroughly guide you achieve your health and nutrition goals. This program is calorie-based but not restrictive employing up-to-date nutrition principles that promotes safe and gradual weight loss. Over the course of the program, clients will not only achieve weight loss but will be empowered to practice proper eating habits.

Optimum nutrition for athletes is one that provides adequate amount of energy, vitamins and minerals needed by the body during training and competition. Our program is a holistic sports nutrition management system addressing sport specific performance needs. Recommended for weekend warriors, competitive, professional, and elite athletes.

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Nutrition Learning Experience

Nutrifit’s Nutrition Learning Experience is a program that aims to help participants improve nutrition knowledge by breaking down technical and complex concepts of nutrition into simpler and understandable ideas that are sound, locally contextualized and practical. From meal planning to the nitty gritty details of sports nutrition, our team will enable participants to comprehend nutrition hence empowering them to make wise food choices and maximize the benefits of healthy eating.

Corporate Wellness Program

This service involves the establishment of a holistic workplace nutrition program that is aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle practices and enhancing the quality of life of employees and eventually curtailing health care expenses.

Program Customization

A unique nutrition consulting service provided by the Nutrifit team. This service revolves around the client’s (individual or corporate) specific needs and employs out of the box strategies. From module development to implementation or reviewing of literature for education based marketing, our team of experts will provide clarity and direction by creating a program or service that is tailored to meet the clients’ nutrition requirements.

What our clients say

Results of our Annual Physical Examination (APE) was really alarming. We had so many cases of dyslipidemia, hypertension, obesity, and overweight, which led Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) to embark on a comprehensive nutrition and fitness program for its employees. This is our 3rd year under the program and the results brought about an increased awareness and a constant motivation to employees to practice proper diet and healthy lifestyle.

Nelson Manglo HR Manager – Toyota Motor Philippines - 3 years under the corporate program

A couple of months into the program you sort of get the amount of food you should be eating! But I continue to ask for these menus because the recipes I get are yummy and healthy! Even my kids who would tease me about my diet food would start eating my food and in the end, we would all be eating the same food at home. I also liked it when Jeaneth came to the grocery with me and helped me in making proper choices. I was taught to read the labels for calorie intake, how to choose the proper cooking oil, which powdered iced tea is best (i.e. sugar-free), cereals to forget about, etc.

Nikki Cu Unjieng-La O’ Entrepreneur and Housewife - Lost 14 pounds under the program

The program given to me was a gradual change in lifestyle. Before, I used to eat heavy during a particular time of the day but with this program you have to spread it out and really count your calories and food intake.

Michael “Mikee” Romero CEO – Harbour Centre Port Terminal, Inc

Nilapitan ko agad si Jeaneth at kumonsulta sa kaniya kung paano mababawasan ang timbang ko. Ginawan niya agad ako ng meal plan para sa pagbawas ng body fat ko at hindi mawala ang muscle ko. Sinunod ko agad yung meal plan at nakapaghanda ako ng mabuti para sa susunod na conference (2012-2013 PBA Philippine Cup).”

Jayson Castro PBA Player – Talk N’ Text Tropang Texters

Jeaneth is so hands on that you can call her anytime and would reply at once to any glitch in the diet. From changing the menu, doing the marketing list, ingredients not available, etc etc. – she would have solutions. In fact, she’s more in contact with my cook. At first it was hard because I love to eat and I’m a sweet tooth. But the program doesn’t make you feel deprived because you get to have a cheat meal every week where you can eat everything you want and until stuffed.

Cherry Reyes Businesswoman - Lost 12 pounds under the Nutrition Coaching Program
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